Crypto for Business

Strategy Guide for Executives, 2021

Series Introduction

Welcome to our emerging technology strategy guides for executives. Each guide covers one new emerging technology. Our goal is to enable you to quickly get up to speed on an emerging new technology and then if you so choose to become an internal corporate champion for that technology.

All our strategy guides are media-rich and include podcasts, videos, and graphics as well as power points and project plans that are intended to be used as tools by you within your organization.

Listed below is a simple outline of this guide. There is a similar list of sections in the sidebar on the left for ease of navigation. Each section is updated dynamically with our research, experience, and news as it develops.

  1. Emerging Technologies Matrix 2020 Q4
  2. Flashstarts Level of Technology Adoption
  3. Bitcoin Basics
  4. What is the Lightning Network?
  5. How Does it Work?
  6. History
  7. Case Studies
    1. Government – Venezuela
    2. Multi-national Corporation
    3. Retailer
    4. IoT Device Company
  8. Pilot Projects
    1. Bitcoin Node
    2. Lightning Node
    3. Corporate Wallet
    4. FIO 
    5. Crypto Governance
    6. Ethereum Blockchain
  9. Performance and Metrics
  10. Products
    1. Servers
    2. Wallets
    3. FIO
    4. Services
  11. Companies
  12. Executive Toolkit
    1. Why Lightning? Powerpoint
    2. Crypto Readiness Project Plan
    3. LN Pilot Project Plan
    4. Ethereum
  13. Future
  14. Education
    1. Online Courses
    2. Websites
    3. Conferences
    4. Podcasts
    5. Videos
    6. Books
  15. News Resources
  16. Index
  17. Other Books in the Series
  18. Author Biography

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