The process of learning about emerging technologies is continuously changing. Years ago I would spend my time in a mega magazine store (Erieview News) searching for esoteric magazines that might cover emerging technologies. Somewhere on the racks, I would usually find a technical magazine, or a magazine with a relevant column, or a stapled- together newsletter that covered whatever emerging technologies I was researching.

Erieview News street front photograph
Erieview News (the ‘web’ circa 1995)

Even then books were not a good source for learning about emerging technologies. In fact, if there was already a formal book published it was a sign that the technology was no longer emerging but already emerged.

The current process for learning about emerging technologies involves Google searches, websites, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, and particularly podcasts. For some reason, podcasts have become the go-to resource for people that are fascinated with emerging technologies and are therefore a great way for us to learn about them. In researching podcasts for the lightning network the number of podcasters that are obsessively dedicated to their topics is somewhat astounding. The quality is generally very high and I’m quite certain that they are all doing it is a labor of love and obsession and not profit.

Online Courses

  • Bitcoin Lightning Network Online Courses - There are not yet many online courses strictly focused on the lightning network. But here are a few Bitcoin courses that we recommend that provide an excellent background for understanding lightning. Payment Channels and Lightning Network, MIT, 2018, Lectures 13 and 14, Tadge Dryja (leading expert). Great graduate-level lectures. Part of a very good bitcoin […]

Web Sites

  • An Opinionated Review of Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken for US Corporations - In preparation for our upcoming November 12 webinar on crypto governance for corporations, we have tested the three primary US dollar crypto exchanges readily available to US corporations. Any corporation interested in utilizing Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrency needs a fiat on/off-ramp – some service to swap US dollars for crypto. For large volume purchases, […]


  • Lightning Conference 2019 - Here are notes and links to recommended sessions from the first global lightning network conference held in Berlin October 19-20 2019. About 500 people attended. Here’s a review of the conference from Bitcoin Magazine. Day One October 19 Main Stage Video, 8 hours. Day Two October 20 Main Stage Video, 8 hours. Much more digestible single-session […]
  • Bolt-a-Thon Virtual Lightning Conference - Bolt-a-Thon Virtual Lightning Conference, 3-day online hackathon, December 6-8 2019. Here’s the YouTube Channel with recordings of many of the sessions. The first Bolt-A-Thon conference was held in April 2019. There are none currently scheduled for 2020. Recommended sessions. Listed below are the top three hackathon winners with their timecodes. Though somewhat technical, they do […]


Podcasts are one of the best educational sources for information about the lightning network. there is something about podcasting and lightning that go particularly well together. There is also an enchanting level of enthusiasm conveyed in the voices of the podcast lightning community. We also generally recommend podcasts as a great form of immersive learning. Use your daily commute for the next week and immerse yourself in the lightning network. Here are selected starter podcast episodes for this immersive experience.


  • Lightning Network Videos - While we have previously covered some video content from online courses, conferences, and websites generally this section features a short curated selection of educational videos intended to quickly explain the lightning network. Watch them all over lunch and you will be a lightning network corporate champion by afternoon. Lightning Network Explained, 12:24, April 2019. Very […]


  • Lightning Network Books - Books are generally a poor medium for emerging technologies. The book industry operates at a glacial pace compared to most emerging technologies. By the time a book is published, the contents are invariably dated and the technology has probably already emerged. Nonetheless, here are a few books, or book-like publications, that cover the Lightning Network.
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