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Lightning Conference 2019

Lightning Conference 2019

Here are notes and links to recommended sessions from the first global lightning network conference held in Berlin October 19-20 2019. About 500 people attended. Here’s a review of the conference from Bitcoin Magazine.

Day One October 19 Main Stage Video, 8 hours. Day Two October 20 Main Stage Video, 8 hours. Much more digestible single-session versions, ~20-40 minutes each. 

Here are some specific sessions recommended for executives and managers.

Some interesting conference statistics from @fulmolightning:

  • 66,79% of paid tickets (45,97% of ticket revenue) paid via $BTC/LN 
  • 987 beers paid via LN
  • 700 coffees paid via LN
  • 164 cocktails paid via LN
  • 377 ice cream/hot chocolate transactions paid via LN

No word on whether there will be a 2020 conference. Follow @flashstarts or @lnconf for updates.

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