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Lightning Network Conferences

Here are some Conferences that include coverage of the lightning network. Listed chronologically with upcoming conferences first.

  • Lightning Conference 2019 - Here are notes and links to recommended sessions from the first global lightning network conference held in Berlin October 19-20 2019. About 500 people attended. Here’s a review of the conference from Bitcoin Magazine. Day One October 19 Main Stage Video, 8 hours. Day Two October 20 Main Stage Video, 8 hours. Much more digestible single-session […]
  • Bolt-a-Thon Virtual Lightning Conference - Bolt-a-Thon Virtual Lightning Conference, 3-day online hackathon, December 6-8 2019. Here’s the YouTube Channel with recordings of many of the sessions. The first Bolt-A-Thon conference was held in April 2019. There are none currently scheduled for 2020. Recommended sessions. Listed below are the top three hackathon winners with their timecodes. Though somewhat technical, they do […]

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